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At our Academy every child is very important. We concentrate on professional diagnoses of strengths and weaknesses of the players, and than – implementations of individual development programs, that are created to gradually improve the football abilities. We train minimum 2 times a week but have also groups that train 3 times a week – at the afternoon hours. Each training session is particularly planned for improvement the physical, technical, speed, tactical and mental skills of the players. The sessions are picked up in the way that could be possible to improve all the values of future players, including football intelligence and psychophysical competences.

The training plans are divided into the weeks, months and years. In our training process we use the practices implemented in world most famous Football Academies, such as BENFICA LISBOA, AJAX AMSTERDAM or ATLETICO DE MADRIT. We guarantee a very high trainings quality level, by particularly selected trainers crew, that concentrate on realization the aims of football development and having a great fun with football playing as well. Each of our trainers must have an UEFA licence and need to get through the special education program, based on COERVER COACHING INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, that concentrates on technical, speed, tactical, mental and interpersonal communication skills.