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Welcome to the world of incredible sport for everyone

Welcome to our world – world of soccer without any boarders, world of great love and passion, that is with us since the childhood, and will last forever. Welcome to the world of incredible sport for everyone, no matter of sex, nationality or wealth. At our Academy everyone can be the winner. PRESTIGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY was set up because of great love for soccer. Our mission is to propagate, among children and adults, no matter of sex, nationality or wealth level, great love and fascination for the wonderful sport that is soccer.


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we invite you to the PRESTIGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY

how do we work

At the Academy we train minimum 2 times a week

At our Academy every child is very important. We concentrate on professional diagnoses of strengths and weaknesses of the players, and than – implementations of individual development programs, that are created to gradually improve the football abilities. We train minimum 2 times a week but have also groups that train 3 times a week – at the afternoon hours. Each training session is particularly planned for improvement the physical, technical, speed, tactical and mental skills of the players.

our trainers

PRESTIGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY particularly points out the competences of the trainers crew. Each of our trainers must have the UEFA licence and need to get through the special education program, based on COERVER COACHING INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM, that concentrates on technical, speed, tactical, mental and interpersonal communication skills.

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