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Welcome to our world – world of soccer without any boarders, world of great love and passion, that is with us since the childhood, and will last forever. Welcome to the world of incredible sport for everyone, no matter of sex, nationality or wealth. At our Academy everyone can be the winner.

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PRESTIGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY was set up in 2019, because of great love for soccer. Our mission is to propagate, among children and adults, no matter of sex, nationality or wealth level, great love and fascination for the wonderful sport that is soccer.

At our Academy everyone can achieve great aims, success, development and have a great satisfaction with football playing. We concentrate on children – their individual needs, dreams and fascinations. Particularly chosen development programs, based on wide experience of our trainers and best practices world famous Football Academies, such as BENFICA LISBOA, AJAX AMSTERDAM or ATLETICO DE MADRID, let our players get a great satisfaction from football playing, and gradually increase their football competences, that in the future can make their professional football playing dreams come true.

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In our work, we follow certain rules. They are very important for us. They constitute a code of our values – the things we believe in, we constantly deepen their interpretation and we are faithful to them, no matter how big we are, whether we are in training or during a tournament, at home or at school, or on vacation . We want every new player, who joins us, to learn our rules, believe in them over time, and act on them – this is our backbone, something that makes us players of Prestige Football Academy, not another club. What we strongly believe in, is:

  1. openness – openness to new players, to other views, to other cultures, but also openness to changes, to innovative methods of training and development,
  2. diligence and commitment – the key to success is hard work in training. I may not succeed, but I always have to try, give 100%,
  3. development – improving your own football skills and helping others in their development. Not only sports development, but also cultural and social development,
  4. respect – towards teammates, parents, coaches, teachers, referees, but also towards sports rivals,
  5. tolerance – we don’t all have to be the same, on the contrary – beauty lies in diversity. Just because someone has different views or preferences, doesn’t mean they’re inferior.

Check our credibility

We are a modern Football Academy which places great emphasis on reliability, quality, honesty and commitment. Our work and dedication to the above principles are confirmed by the certificates we have obtained in recent years. We are a certified school of the Polish Football Association (PZPN), a Partner Club of Academy Śląsk Wrocław S.A. and a member of the Reliable Company Program, which certifies our reliability, solvency and credibility on the market.

We kindly invite you to our world – world of dreams and endless fun, world of great little people and their endless ambitions, world of smile and enjoyment. We invite you to the PRESTIGE FOOTBALL ACADEMY!